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Backyard Pond

Backyard Pond

It’s time again for Spring cleaning, and as a part of our special Spring cleaning promotion, we are offering one free month of service for every customer you refer to us! Our best advertising has always come from our satisfied customers, and this spring, we want to return the favour.

All you have to do is refer a new customer to us, and we will give you one month of free regular services (not including product of livestock.) Not only that, but you can refer as many customers to us as you like for additional free months!

We also appreciate your feedback, and are always working to better improve our services.

Here’s what’s new at Shiny Fish:

1. Portable Debit/Credit Card machine.

2. New Aquarium/Pond Technician.

3. One month guarantee for freshwater and saltwater fish.

4. New website.

5. New saltwater wholesalers for a greater variety of fish and selection.

We are very excited about our continued growth this Spring, and because of our valued customers, we remain one of the best servicing companies in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. Take advantage of this new referral program and start earning free service now. ake advantage of this new referral program and start earning free service now.

As always, thank you for your continued business and support.

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Shiny Fish Ltd. is one of the top aquarium service companies in the lower mainland, and is continually growing and expanding, mostly by referrals from our customers.