Oh sure, you can go to your local big chain pet store and purchase a fish tank, some fish and set up your own home or office aquarium, but when you demand only the best, consider a custom aquarium.

Here are our top 5 reasons you need a custom aquarium:

  1. You’ll get professional advice. Some people think having a fish tank and keeping your fish and tank healthy is a piece of cake. This statement isn’t 100% false, but it does require the right set-up and maintenance to keep your tank healthy. With professional consultation, we can help you keep maintenance costs and up-keep at a minimum so you can spend more time enjoying your fish, and not cleaning up after them!
  2. You can get a tank in any shape or size. Budget (and your imagination) is really the only factor here. You can get a tank created to fit any space so you can create a one-of-a-kind custom aquarium. You’re not stuck with the run-of-the-mill, mass-produced tanks.
  3. You don’t forget anything.There are many bits and pieces you need to set-up and maintain your custom fish tank. While you could try to do it all yourself, save the hassle and have a professional do it for you so you don’t overlook anything critical.
  4. They become a statement piece Whether the custom tank is for your home or your office, these luxury tanks are often a great conversation starter. They will help make your space remembered by your guests or your clients and customers.
  5. Get the tank set-up fast. When you get your custom aquarium it comes with professional and fast set-up. Instead of fumbling around to figure things out yourself you can get it done safely and in half the time when you hire an expert.

Think you’re ready for a custom aquarium for your home or office? Talk to the best custom aquarium team in the Lower Mainland (which just happens to be us) for more information or to get started designing your one-of-a-kind aquarium today.