About Us

When you want a free standing or custom aquarium that keeps maintenance at a minimum so you can enjoy your system for years to come hassle free, look no further than Shiny Fish Ltd.

Our team provides everything you need for your saltwater aquariums and freshwater aquariums, including livestock and top of the line dry goods.

We supply glass aquarium systems (custom and free standing). We are an elite dealer of the WATERBOX aquarium brand www.waterbox.ca. It’s our goal to provide our customers with their dream aquarium and we have the skills, experience, and product to do it. We like to say that we’re the experts who can build anything!

Owner Sean Holland has been designing and working with custom fish tanks since 1993 and builds each tank around the needs of his clients. He started Shiny Fish as an aquarium servicing company and it has since grown to be the most qualified and professional aquarium service company in the lower mainland and fraser valley of British Columbia. Sean is proud of the service and relationships he builds with his customers. His first customer in 1993 was an accounting firm, who is still a client today!


As mentioned above, Shiny Fish is also an elite vendor of the WATERBOX product line. Within this trusted product line is complete reef tank solutions so anyone can enjoy the beauty of their aquariums, without the hassle of chronically poor water chemistry or worrying about the suitability of their aquarium equipment. They make having a reef-filled tank seamless and reliable.

It’s part of our vision to provide you with everything you need for your aquarium. When you buy an aquarium from us, we can offer you the custom system, installation, and livestock for one price. Also, to ensure our customers get the highest quality and healthiest fish possible. And we can maintain your aquarium on a regular basis.

The shiny fish team aims to be a one-stop shop for everything for your aquarium.



Sean Holland

Sean Holland

Sean grew up in Powell River and spent many years on the beaches. Collecting anything that moved was his passion from 5yrs old to, well.. now!
His family had a 20 gallon aquarium which he enjoyed and started setting up his own aquariums at the age of 17. This blew up into breeding different species of freshwater fish along with keeping multiple aquariums in the basement of his mother’s home.  He pursued a job in the aquarium industry which led him to years spent between Big Al’s Aquarium Services and Pet Habitat in the early 90’s.

But before this, his dream was to help people with their aquariums by offering service to their home or office aquariums. While studying marketing in college, he made the tough decision to drop out and pursue Shiny Fish Ltd as a viable full-time business. By the age of 21, Sean had solidified himself as one of the go to service technicians in the lower mainland.

His passion for the hobby is evident in the work he completes and is always willing to help with any aquarium project.. big or small.


Nina Steadman

At the age of 9, Nina set up her first aquarium. Soon after, this grew to 5 aquariums keeping both salt and freshwater fish species. Nina joined our team in 2010 an has enjoyed making her hobby into a career. Nina is now Shiny Fish Ltd’s accounts manager and you will see her at that store on most days.


Adam Quesnelle

Adam is an overall animal lover with a strong passion for everything saltwater. From a young age, he started creating and maintaining different types of ecosstems before discovering his passion lies with saltwater reef aquariums. Several years later, Adam has enjoyed helping fellow hobbyists in the community build tanks of all shapes, sizes, and types from the ground up and solving their unique problems. Throughout his presence with the hobbyists across British Columbia and working with the public in retail, Adam has maintained a respectable reputation for being a go to person in this industry. Adam gladly helps anyone who is in need of advice or wants to learn about everything aquatic!

And remember….

“A Happy Fish is a Shiny Fish!”