Aquariums are pretty to look at, but they’ll only stay that way if you maintain it. A well-maintained aquarium tank and system will keep your fish and plants healthy.

Your first steps are to:

  • ensure your tank is not overcrowded (no more than 1 inch of fish per gallon)
  • not overfeed your fish
  • perform regular water changes (we’ll talk more about this more in this article)

Then, add these regular maintenance tasks to your calendar:

  • Clean the glass: Clean the outside of the tank with a cloth regularly. Wipe inside the glass before each water change to curb algae growth.
  • Regular water changes: Every 7-10 days do a water change for your tank. This requires you to empty a third to half (depending on how dirty the tank is) and replace it with clean water. This will help eliminate harmful ammonia and other compounds from your tank. There are tools and accessories available to make water changes easy.
  • Perform water tests: Until you tank has the right ratio of good and bad bacteria, perform regular water tests using an easy to use at-home kit. This will ensure that PH-levels are optimal. Your PH levels should be matched to the fish you have so talk to an aquarium expert to find out the recommended PH for your tank. It will also check if ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites are cycling normally. Once your tank is fully cycled you can test your tank less often.

If you would like help to create your maintenance routine, or just want someone to do it for you, contact the expert aquarium maintenance team at Shiny Fish.