Congratulations on deciding to get an aquarium! Now you need to choose whether you will have a saltwater or freshwater aquarium. Both are equally exciting but differ in requirements, maintenance, and equipment

Here are a few insights to help you decide:

Fish choices: You have a wide range of exotic, colourful, and unique fish to choose from no matter which tank you choose. In freshwater tanks, guppies, mollies and tetras are popular choices. Be sure to add a few scavengers, like snails, to help manage algae in your aquarium. In saltwater tanks, you can choose more exotic fish and accompanying habitats (like caves, anemones). 

Tank Decor: If you’re considering natural decor for your tank, you can choose from many types of plants for freshwater tanks, and numerous corals and anemones for saltwater tanks. Both can create equally stunning aquascapes and help provide homes, food, and hiding spots for your aquarium fish and creatures. 

Tank Equipment: Depending on your fish and your aqua-scaping you may have very specific requirements for your tank set-up. For example, saltwater reef aquariums have very specific requirements to maintain the water salinity, PH, and to encourage the coral to stay healthy and grow. Planted tanks require CO2 injections to promote fast plant growth.

Cost Differences: Freshwater tanks are generally easier and cheaper to maintain than saltwater tanks. The main reason being that saltwater tanks have specific environmental requirements that much be carefully monitored and maintained. 

No matter which type of custom aquarium you choose, you can fill it with beautiful fish and aqua-scaping to make it unique to you. If you have questions about designing and setting up your custom aquarium, check out the recent projects we’ve done and contact us for more information.