Red Sea Aquariums

Shiny Fish not only creates custom fish tanks, we are also a preferred vendor of the Red Sea Aquariums product line. Within this trusted product line is complete reef tank solutions so anyone can enjoy the beauty of their aquariums, without the hassle of water chemistry or worrying about the suitability of their aquarium equipment. They make having a reef-filled tank easy and reliable.

Our public showroom carries a variety of Red Sea Aquariums saltwater systems.

Red Sea Aquariums has been in business as long as we have (over 25 years) and they provide complete reef solutions for your fish tank. What we love so much about Red Sea Aquariums is their on-going commitment to research.

Their dedicated team of biologists, chemists, and engineers are researching the relationship between corals and the surrounding seawater to help spawn the development of Reef and Marine Care Programs. They take this knowledge and understanding of these complex ecosystems, to help hobbyist aquarium owners like you more easily maintain coral and reef tanks.

Based on all this knowledge, they have developed the ground-breaking line of MAX Aquarium systems. They can support even the most delicate SPS corals and blend into any contemporary home style.

Their products are designed to enable you to spend more time enjoying your coral reef and achieve long-term success with your Red Sea Aquarium environment.



A Complete Aquarium for One Low Price

Take advantage of our 25 plus years in the aquarium industry and allow us to set up a complete free standing reef aquarium for your home or office!!!

We are offering a complete set up which includes your choice of the Red Sea Pro Max line along with a live rock, fish and coral package!

For one price, you will have a completed reef system. You choose the aquarium and livestock package.

How do we do this you ask?

At our Shiny Fish facility in Surrey, BC, we already have all of the livestock quarantined and ready for their new homes. This is the absolute best way to receive top quality, healthy specimens for your new aquarium!! We offer different livestock packages to meet your needs. Maybe you want a small amount of livestock to start and build it up on your own. Or maybe a completed system is what you need so that you’re confident in the cohabitation of each fish and coral for your specific system.

We can maintain your aquarium from the start as well!

We have the best coral and fish period.. hand picked at our facility for you!!


Please contact us to discuss or visit our public showroom so that we can get start building your dream aquarium!!!