A saltwater aquarium provides an amazing focal point or seamless backdrop for any room in your home or office. The number of unique fish, sea-life, plants, and coral that can live in these tanks are nearly endless so you can create a tank that is 100% unique! Browse through our gallery of recent custom saltwater aquarium tanks:

Your custom aquarium isn’t complete without a set of fish and livestock to call it home. We know the right combinations of fish that can live harmoniously in your tank so let us help you find the right combination and number of fish for your tank. Check out some of the fish we typically carry at Shiny Fish: 


Freshwater custom aquarium tanks are easy to take care of and create a great conversation piece in your home or office. We’ve helped our customers create some truly stunning custom aquariums and helped to fill them with the right combination of fish and freshwater creatures to create an aesthetically pleasing ecosystem. See some of the freshwater tanks we’ve worked on in our gallery: