Shiny Fish Custom Aquarium Services & Supplies

It’s our goal to provide our customers with their dream fish tank and we have the skills, experience, and product to do it. We like to say that we’re the experts who can build anything! With our background in maintenance, we have a unique ability to diagnose issues and a formula to insure the best health possible for all types of saltwater/freshwater systems.

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Custom Aquariums

Shiny Fish can create a breathtaking salt or freshwater environment for your office or home. Whether you are looking for a custom freshwater or saltwater tank we have the supplies, the build/installation team, and the fish and livestock to get your custom aquarium done for you.

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Red Sea Aquariums

We are a preferred vendor for the Red Sea Aquarium line of aquarium tanks. Within this trusted product line is complete reef tank solutions so anyone can enjoy the beauty of their aquariums, without the hassle of water chemistry or worrying about the suitability of their aquarium equipment. They make having a reef-filled tank easy and reliable.

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Saltwater Fish, Livestock, Coral and Inverts


The most robust inventory of livestock and coral for your saltwater aquarium. We have new stock arriving every week and if we don’t have what you are looking for, we can bring it in. Contact us or visit our public showroom for expert advice to create the aquarium of your dreams! Our coral colonies and coral frags with are clearly priced in our custom coral tank.

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Cleaning & Maintenance Packages and Products

We provide expert care, advice, and offer top quality fish food and products for all forms of aquariums and ponds throughout Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley. From custom design & installation to regular cleaning and maintenance, we are your premium, all inclusive service company. Curious about what we do? See our services or portfolio pages for details and breathtaking displays.

Our showroom also has a large inventory of products to maintain your tank and keep your fish healthy including; water chemistry agents, frozen and dry food, high end equipment such as pumps, protein skimmers, reactors, powerheads, cleaning equipment.

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